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As a student of social anthropology and developing art, the owner of this site has been encouraged to develop the theme of Passion of a Goddess further.

Many artists during the past 2000 years have been interested in the picture of a crucified Jesus. One of the reasons therefore is probably that this subject offers a lot of symbolic value as well as possibilities to manifest different expressions. Although, the question is raised why is always these artefacts male? In a few cases Jesus portraitures as a female this then raises negative consequences from the conservative parts of the church. The idea that God can only be a man is an idea created in a society with male dominance. The owner of this site would like to develop the idea that giving God a sex is not honest. These believer of the idea that God can only be represented as a man, disregard the female half of the worlds population. And also its in his belief that a woman has greater ability to give love than a man. Christ represents the great love.

Passion of a Goddess is associated to gothic art, crucifixion, alternative art, fine art photography and video.

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In the members page of Passion of a Goddess the owner express esthetical and expressive arts within the areas: powerlessness, love, carrying the cross, death and nudity. The members page contains video clips and photographs instead of only photographs. The idea is that video clips can offer stronger feelings than only a photograph can. A video clip is more alive. (If you only have a dial-up connection it will be difficult to wiev the video clips). The video clip is best viewed in Windows Media

The members page is updated with new photographs and videoclips from time to time.

Passion of a Goddess would like to thank the people whose support have given this page its contents.

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These pages are meant for those people that would like to open the thought and broaden the soul. Those people that believe that a woman is never allowed to represent Christ are not welcome, and are asked to leave this site immediately.


To those that share my ideas - Welcome to my art! (Please register as a member) - register as member!